Tips for Selling a Home with Pets

Pets, the most beloved members of your family. You treat them like the humans they are, you let them snuggle on the couch, string their toys throughout your home and even sleep on the bed. But let’s face it, not everyone has or wants pets and, in some cases, potential buyers may have pet allergies! Sadly, our beloved pets can sometimes interfere with the selling process. This doesn’t mean that you must get rid of your family member, it just means you should hide them a little bit. In 2017, buyers said signs of animals in the home were a huge turn off, whether it be the odor of your pet, or even the damage that pets sometimes caused to the home.

Let’s take a look at some quick tips to keep your furry family member happy all while selling your home for as much as possible!


Staging a Home with Pets


The most common piece of professional advice Herron’s Homes gives our clients is to remove or relocate your pet from the home during showings. However, this may not always be an option. Below are some tips to prepare your home for showings, as well as how to remove items that may deter buyers.


  • Cat litter boxes or Puppy potty pads
    • Keep litter boxes clean and out of sight and PLEASE DO NOT KEEP THE LITTER BOX IN YOUR CLOSET.
    • Puppy pads should be out of sight as well
  • Carpet and Floor Stains
    • Herron’s Homes would recommend having your carpets professionally cleaned prior to putting your home on the market. This will help to remove pet odors, dander and hair.
    • In some cases, we may even recommend replacing the carpet prior to putting your home on the market. The catch here, is the carpet must remain in tip top shape during the selling process.
  • Pet Odors and Smells
    • VACUUM AND CLEAN FLOORS RELIGIOUSLY, this means once or sometimes twice a day
    • Remove all pet beds and toys from the home
      • Bedding and toys often carry strong pet odors
    • Put away food and water bowls when not being used
    • Pack up all cages crates or carriers that aren’t in use

Showing a Home with Pets

Putting pets in a spare room, garage or backyard just will not suffice, this limits the buyer from seeing the entire home. If removing pets from the home is not an option, and we don’t want to limit the potential buyers from viewing certain areas of the home, our only other option is to put the pets in a crate or carrier.  Herron’s Homes also recommends putting a note on the kennel asking potential buyers to please not touch or put their fingers in the kennel. Fido or Fluffy may be very sweet, however we don’t know how they will react all the time, and the last thing you want is someone sticking their hand or fingers into the crate and your beloved pet biting or scratching them. Our goal is to make the selling process as simple and as QUICK as possible so that you, your family and your pets can get back to a normal life! Remember, this is all temporary and the quicker your house if off the market, the quicker your pet can go back to snuggling on the couch and leaving their toys everywhere!