Staging Tips & Tricks

Deciding to Sell:

Are you ready to sell? Better yet, is your home ready to be sold? Deciding to sell is sometimes a BIG step! After making the decision to sell, the next step is easy, contacting Herrons Homes, your Dallas-Fort Worth Real Estate professionals. It’s very important to speak with our experts before doing any renovations or improvements. Our first step is to coach our clients through the recommended improvements that yield the highest return. Let’s face it, when you’ve decided to sell, the number one goal is to net the highest amount in the shortest amount of time. Our team studies the market trends daily and we know what improvements are finically savvy. In some cases, painting, removing clutter, deep cleaning, updating hardware on doors and drawers or even just cleaning up your landscaping are needed, and in others it may be best to just sell as is. That’s why speaking with us is a vital first step in the selling and staging process. Below are a few quick tips everyone can do to become prepared to sell your home.  

Simple Staging Tips:

We tell our clients the hardest part about selling your home, is keeping it “show ready”. It’s a little like trying to live in your home without leaving signs that you’re living in the home!! Impossible, right?! Here are some recommendations that might help!!

  • DECLUTTER: All kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, dressers must be clear of all items! Try very hard to declutter closets as well. Doing this allows your space to have clean lines and really gives buyers the opportunity to picture their belongings in your home and accents the storage capabilities of your space, which can be a huge selling point for most buyers!

  • BOX IT UP: You’re moving… get ahead of the ball game. Start packing up personal items, knickknacks, personal photos, etc. and remove anything non-essential. The average days on market for all of 2017 in Dallas-Fort Worth was 31 days… ask yourself, can I live without this for 30 days? If so, box it up! Boxes should be kept in storage, or the garage.

  • SMELL IS IMPORTANT: Especially if you have pets. Choose a likeable fragrance, like vanilla, clean linens, or a seasonal fragrance. Think “inviting” and be careful not to choose a fragrance that is too overpowering or would cause a buyer to have an allergic reaction.

  • LIGHT IT UP: Lighting is SO IMPORTANT! Great lighting tends to make a space look larger and more open. Additionally, exterior lighting is just as important as interior lighting. Many buyers are proud of their home and want to showcase that pride with proper exterior lighting. Updated exterior lighting could also serve as a selling point if it supports security and safety purposes. For example, lighting paths, stairways and added lilghting that could deter troublemakers.

  • LANDSCAPING: Curb appeal is essential. This is your homes opportunity to make a GREAT first impression. Clean cut, well edged grass, clean cut shrubs and bushes, and well pruned flowerbeds are a must.  

  • POP THE COLOR: 2018 trends are showing that buyers are stepping away from classic white walls and are looking for COLOR!! Some colors that are expected to be popular are light hues of grays, blues, tobacco and carmel. They keyword is light… paint that is too dark or bright can often time be a turnoff to potential buyers.

  • REMOVE BULKY FURNITURE: Furniture that is too large or overpowering for a room may not show off the full potential or utilization of the space. Think, less is more when it comes to furniture, especially in small spaces.

For more helpful tips and tricks for preparing to sell your home, please contact Herron’s Homes.